All of you probably know about the original flock, Max, Fang, Angel, Nudge, Iggy, Gasman, and Dylan. You know how Dylan sacrificed himself for Fang to make Max happy, and you know that Fang and Max had little Phoenix. What you don't know is that Max and Fang had another kid, another girl. And of all of the kids they could have had, they had me, hello Maximum Ride fans, my name is Mage, I am Max and Fang's second child. I was born shortly after Phoenix learned to fly, in the new world. In the new world I have to build for myself, for all of the survivors, pressure much? Anyways, the universe must have chosen my looks for the hero part because I am freaking crazy looking, I mean what kid has eyes that look like dying embers and wings and hair that look like a twilight sky partially hidden by volcanic ash? ME THATS WHO!!!!! So to be short, I look like a hero, so why do I feel like a villain?
(Top picture: what Mage's eyes look like)