First Flight

My first memory is probably my first flight, which was by far the greatest flight of all, especially since I wasn't supposed to fly yet. So in my grounded years i loved climbing trees, I would climb out to the edge and nearly give my mom a heart attack. It was all fun in games until I was dropped into reality, literally, my first flight was a free fall from the top of a palm tree.
I remember sliding up the slick bark of the tree with ease, reaching the large leaves at the top and standing up in the center. The wind whipped through my silver and black hair and ruffled my feathers, I stared up into the bright blue sky that was dotted with perfect white clouds. My wings twitched beneath my leather clothes, longing to spread and fly, I had been so mesmerized my the sky and all that it promised that I stupidly took a step forward. And off of the tree. I screamed and flailed my arms franticly, the wind tugged at my wings and spun me, I felt the tree brush my leg and reached for it and grappled through empty air. My mind was panicked and muddled and as I neared the ground I did the only thing I knew how to do, "MOM, DAD, HELP!!!!"  I shrieked. As soon as the cry left my mouth my dad, Fang, shot out of our house and into the air, his eyes locked on my frantic ones and he dove towards me.
"Mage, flap your wings!!" He shouted, something in my mind seemed to click and I flung my wings out and began flap them with all the strength in my eight year old body. My desperate flapping only managed to slow my descent as my dad flapped as hard as possible to reach me. I looked down and realized that the ground was only a few feet away, I scrunched my eyes closed and waited to hit it, but I never did. I slowly pried my eyes open and looked around, I was two feet off the ground, and my dad was ten feet away, but he wasn't angry, or sad, he was cheering. It took about zero point five seconds to realize why, I was flying. My feet gingerly reached out and touched the ground and I slowly stood up. No sooner than I had regained my balance, I lost it when uncle Gazzy cannoned into me.
"Mage you did it!!" He whooped in joy. My dad suddenly appeared behind him and scooped me up, spinning me around with a wild smile on his face. He hugged me tightly and whispered in my ear,
"You did it baby girl, you did it." By the time he let me go the entire family was around me, laughing, and crying in joy. All except for my mom, she was glaring at me with all the anger in the world combined, she walked towards me maintaining that deadly glare, but as she got closer, joy must have won out because her face split into a big grin and she hugged me tight. When she let go she seemed excited,
"Ready for your first flying lesson my little Dove?" She asked using my real name, she let me chose my own a few years later. I nodded happily and bounced around grinning wildly at my family,
"I'm gonna fly!!" I crowed flaring my wings and leaping a little bit higher, falling them noisily. My dad shot my mom a questioning look and she nodded in resignation, but I barely had time to register the fear in my moms eyes as my aunts and uncles whisked my away to the cliff where Phoenix had learned to fly. They all took off one by one into the vast sky, looping around each other and calling to me, I scrambled to the edge of the cliff and looked over, the water below was crashing against the cliff sending spray up to sting my face. I turned around to see my dad and mom walking hand and hand towards me,
"Ready baby girl?" My dad asked cocking his eyebrow.
"Yea dad, ready." I said keeping my tone as even as I could.
"Okay, just remember." He started but I didn't hear him because as soon as he had said ok, I had jumped. My mom lunged to catch me, but I spread my wings and pushed them downward in a series of powerful downstrokes to gain height, and before anyone could react, I pulled my wings close and went into a swift dive, only to pull out of it seconds later. Our small Scottie dog looked at me in awe,
"Such mastery of the skies at such a young age." He marveled. I gave him an enormous grin and swooped up higher, dove lower and spiraled effortlessly. Then one single worrying thought crossed my mind and I turned to my mom who was flying next to me,
"Mom, one question." I started as she turned to look me in the eye.
"Yes Dove?" She asked slowly.
I took a deep breath and felt my cheeks flushing already, "How do I land?"
(Picture: What Mage's wings look like)