Many Years Later

I groaned and rolled over, another night of restless sleep, my dreams were haunted by the frame of a tall, muscular boy, around my age. I have never met him, but for some reason I know he exists, before I am thrown into another restless torment of horrible nightmares, a hand gently shakes my shoulder, "Mage, time to get up, today is your birthday." My mothers voice coos. I groan and sit up impatiently.
"I'm up, I'm up." I yawn, raking my fingers through my silver hair. I should be more excited considering this is my eighteenth birthday, but truly I am fine, no big deal, turning eighteen pft, easy stuff.
I stagger out of bed and into the grass outside, yawning again I stretch my wings to the sun, my sister strides out of the house and has to shove my wings to the side. Even though I am really normal for a bird kid, I'm still not normal, my wings, instead of the classic 15-20 feet, mine are about 25 feet wide and extremely powerful, I am pleased to say that I can reach up to six hundred miles per hour with out batting an eye. But today my impressive wings feel utterly in the way, like I don't belong. My sister snorts and flicks my wing away.
"Watch it Mage." She hisses and storms off.
My mom ducks out of the house and watches my sister go, "Don't worry Mage, she's just in a bad mood." My mom assures me. I nod stiffly and trudge off the porch and into the forest, searching for my favorite place to hang out. It's fairly easy to find if you know what your looking for, the branches of the giant cypress stretch out to the warmth of the sky, and up in those branches, the universe has shaped a large bowl, big enough for me to walk in, but small enough so that no one on the outside can see my hiding spot. I scramble up the tree, I could fly up but today I don't want to draw any attention. As I pull myself up over the edge I freeze and sniff deeply, I am not alone. I stand up and take a defensive position immediately, "Who's there?" I ask, fighting to keep the fear out of my voice. Several moments of silence pass, and then out of the corner of my eye I see a large, muscular, familiar figure sidle into my spot almost as if I had invited him. I spin to face him and inhale sharply, he is the one from my dreams, "Who are you?" I stammer, unable to disguise my fear. He chuckles and leans back against a branch crossing his arms over his chest giving me a crooked grin, "Hello Mage, my name is Ari."
(This cliff hanger only makes sense if you have read the series)