Ari and I

I stared at the boy in front of me that claimed to be the infamous Ari, he didn't look like he was on the verge of insanity. I remained tense as he walked over and tilted his head down to look me in the eye, "Are you, afraid of me?" He asked dryly. I looked into his deep black eyes and opened and closed my mouth several times trying to find the words to say.
"You aren't Ari." I blurted franticly. And it was true, he didn't look anything like the Ari my parents described. His eyes were coal black, he had choppy white hair, and his wings were a light silver color. He smirked again and ran his fingers through his hair.
"I suppose I would be different, after all I am the new Ari." He mused mostly to himself. He brought his hand up and held several strands of my hair up, "But you don't look like your parents at all, do you?" He murmured " I almost didn't know who you were." He stood up again and snorted, "But if your the one Jeb wants." He started, then as fast as a cobra his hand shot out and grabbed my wrist. My poise snapped, rearing up into the air I slammed my feet into his gut, tore my wrist loose and leaped into the air, I could hear him cursing behind me as I darted through the canopy. I turned back to see him gaining on me as I shot into the open air, with out a moments hesitation I shot off at full speed, hurtling away from him and away from my house. He was out of sight in seconds as I flew faster and faster, not daring to stop, to slow down, or to turn around. As the sun began to sink beneath the tree tops I turned around and started towards home, night had fallen as I reached the clearing where we lived, I landed delicately on the grass and looked around. "Mom, dad, I'm home." I called. The clearing seemed deserted as I walked towards our house, I walked inside and looked around, no sign of my family. I shrugged and turned towards my room and leapt back with a gasp, some one was there, waiting for me. But it wasn't that surprising, "Hello again, I thought you'd catch up." I mumbled. The figure on my bed rose and walked over to me, "You here to kidnap me?" I asked quietly.
Ari laughed lightly, "Not at all, didn't you here, I don't work with Jeb anymore." He said as if it was obvious.
I arched my eyebrow, "Then why do you want?" I asked suspiciously.
He leaned over close enough that I could smell the scent of the rainforest on him, "I'm here to make sure Jeb doesn't lay a finger on you, at least for as long as I can help it." He whispered. And the strange thing is, I believe him, but then why do I still feel afraid?