Family First

I sit on my bed staring at my hands, the sun breaks the horizon casting it's warm glow across the forest and through my bedroom window. I shiver and stand up, I walk throughout the house and all of my family's houses, all deserted, it is like they never existed. I wrap my arms around my self and walk back to my room, determined to get some rest, I lay on my bed and slowly let sleep swallow me.
A faint crunching sound rouses me, the snapping of a twig, I swallow and remain still, I hear nothing and slip out from under my covers and turn my self. I slide off the bed and on to the floor silently and creep down the hall. I peek around the door frame and stifle a gasp, there are at least thirty Erasers  walking around my house, I jerk my head back, I know this is more than I can handle alone, I am severely outnumbered and out of options. I decide to make a stand, slowly I rise and step into the door way, all eyes bolt to me and I glare, "Okay, who's first?" I practically snarl. The Erasers charge towards me and I kick the first one in the nose and shoot into the air, I might have an advantage with my enhanced wings. For a few seconds this theory seems to be correct but an Eraser grabs onto my wing and begins to pull me down, I shriek and begin to kick at him but my wing gives a pop sound and I plummet. "HELP." I scream as the Erasers dive after me, I scrunch my eyes shut waiting to hit the ground but a soft feathery surface envelopes me and my fall slows, I open my eyes and can't help but smile as I stare into the deep black eyes of Ari. But his are completely devoid of emotion, he lands and sets me down behind him and spins to face the Erasers. I start to stand to fight but he flares his wings in front of me, "Stay behind me." He says I glare at him for a moment but then I step back. He punches the first Eraser and throws him into his fellow brutes, I shriek as one dives for my head and I crash my hands over both his ears, popping his eardrums. As I beat the tar out of another Eraser, Ari dispatches the others. He stands panting, "It's no longer safe here." He murmured.
"Well where else am I supposed to go?" I asked heatedly.
"What about that tree I found you in?" He asked, rhetorically. I nodded thoughtfully. "Let's go," He said, "Can you fly?" He asked harshly. I nodded, even if it hurt, I wasn't one to ask for help. We took off and flew to my spot, a watched as he set up a small fire, then a thought hit me.
"Where's my family?" I asked warily, he froze, I could see his muscular shoulders tense.
"I, I don't know, but I know who does." He said. I closed my eyes to prevent the tears from escaping my eyes, my family might be dead, because of me, this was my last thought as exhaustion consumed me.