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Đọc Truyện I've always loved you

Tác giả: stayhappy_k

Cập nhật: 28-12-2015

Đọc Truyện

JB suddenly walks towards me. He holds my face, looks straight into my eyes which are filled with tears then kisses me passionly. My first kiss. I'm shocked at what's happening. He stops and whispers to my ears. "Saranghaeseo, I did. I really did." He backs away leaving me standing there. 'Saranghaeseo?' I thought to myself 'I loved you?' This means he likes me too? But this just makes my situation worse because of my arranged marriage with someone else. "But now." He adds, I look at him. "I have no feelings towards you but hate." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Felia - who is is having a quiet life until her new classmate is JB from Got7 - a group of dancers and singers who is going to audition for JYP. JB and Felia get closer through an art project and she is bestfriends with Got7 who are her idols. But after a year they which they get so close and grow unseparable, Felia needs to move back to the US. JB gets mad and blames her for leaving him. Their friendship gets broken. Mark Tuan also has fallen for Felia. Who will she end up with? what will happen? [This is a Kdrama like love story] :')