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Đọc Truyện The Blind Shinobi

Tác giả: Saberlily2002

Cập nhật: 09-05-2020

Đọc Truyện

-1/8/XXX- there is a war between 2 clan(sister and brother fight) in kitsune village , Yoshiko yuudai and Yashuko Yuudai , the war taking in 3 month at last the peace is came again in yasuko hand , he found a child in the forbiden ruins , he keep the child and bring her back to the village and adopt her as a student , few month later yasuko disapear without leave a sigh and leave aruna alone , many day go through aruna got hated because people think aruna is the one who kill yasuko and treat her as a big threat , aruna decide to go in shinobi school and she meet sana a water kitsune and they do mission together The real adventure is will be start