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Đọc Truyện The Clan: Prequel

Tác giả: TracyTheDreamer

Cập nhật: 02-10-2017

Đọc Truyện

"Demons were once angels. Nightmares were once daydreams." A mysterious fanfiction featuring the seven pretty girls of Dreamcatcher and seven handsome guys of Monsta X that will lead you into the fantasy land. [ All credits go to Dreamcatcher, Monsta X, Happyface Entertainment, Starship Entertainment, and everyone involved in the progress of creating the wonderful ideas and concepts of Nightmare Single Album, Fall Asleep In The Mirror Single Album, Prequel Mini Album, The Clan Pt.1: Lost Mini Album, The Clan Pt.2: Guilty Mini Album, and The Clan Part 2.5: The Final Chapter Full Album. Thank you for the inspiration. ] "Is it possible.... that you can fall in love with... a nightmare?"